Karen (lorelei_sakti) wrote in excatholics,

Does it count if I became an ex-catholic at the age of 11? I went to sunday school once a week up until I was 13 and said to my parents, I don't want to go anymore. Even still, the catholic church had a huge impact on me. I was so guilt-ridden about sex before marriage, I could barely enjoy it for several years. And I was very homophobic for most of my life. I only started accepting gays when we found out my aunt was a lesbian.

I got into Hinduism about four years ago, and I'm very comfortable with my beliefs now. I can actually talk to my father about it to a certain extent. I used to be afraid of telling him because he's so religious, but he's better now. He's a lot more accepting than he was when I first told him I wasn't Catholic.
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