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(Xposted to various and sundry pissed-off-nonchristian groups)

Sorry, but badly need to vent.

I just started a new support group for ex-Christians over at nolongerxian

I made the group late yesterday. Basically, just trying to make safe space where those of us having trouble recovering can support each other, and the Jesus freaks won't have a chance to try and "win us back". Put the comm up, put out a few memberships yet, but considering the zillion groups on LJ that's not exactly a surprise.

I put on the "post by members only" setting, for an obvious reason. I just knew some officious Christian jerk would completely ignore the comm's purpose and disclaimer, and just HAVE to come around trying to sell his religion. What I didn't know is, that setting apparently still allows anonymous posters to post. How do I know?

Because I just logged in and found a chirpy "Jesus loves youuuuuuuu!!!!!" style piece of spew from some anonymous asshole on MY new comm. I deleted the post, but damn it, now I feel fucking violated.

Why won't they leave us alone? Why do they have to advertise their religion EVERY GODDAMNED PLACE, including those SPECIFICALLY set up to give people some privacy from them? FUCK! *headdesk headdesk headdesk*

Anyway, by way of introduction, I'm 33, VERY ex-Catholic, now marginally Pagan, and a writer. And not normally this ranty, but damn...
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