sparrow (aerindreah) wrote in excatholics,

Hey there, guys. I'm 16 and attended Catholic school from kindergarten through grade 8, which makes it about age 5 through 13. My parents actually made the descision to switch me over from private to public school after that, and as upset as I was about leaving my friends, I'm better off for it.
Back to private school: every Wednesday we'd have a priest lecture us during our regular Religion class, during which we were free to ask questions. One of my friends had asked about yoga, and the priest immediately told her that it was sacrilegious. At one point in time, our entire class argued with him on one topic in particular: if a man on the opposite side of the world spends his entire life doing good deeds, but has never heard of Jesus, how does he spend is afterlife? Apparently, in hell. This sent me (and I assume a handful of others) on my way to atheism. I'm now viciously opposed to all private religious schools because they seem to teach nothing but intolerance. Ironically, most of my friends are either Catholic or Lutheran, but none of them are fanatics.

What makes it worse is thinking about all the younger kids at the school and wondering how they're growing up. The way they're sheltered... it's sort-of nauseating.
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