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Heard the news

So...the Pope's dead. How do we all feel about this?

For me it's sad, but then again, how many other sick, elderly people passed away today?
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That's a really good point. Obviously I'm not happy or anything, death is no reason to be happy, but I can't say I think we should say that his life is worth more than that of any other human being.

I am indirectly grateful, however, because it provided an opportunity for me to tell my father that I'm not Catholic without even trying (I'm 16). It just sort of happened...and I think he even understands and will respect it, which is more than I could have expected. I'm not positive if he's fully clear on it or not...but I think he knows. So I'm grateful that some good came out of it.
I'm glad some good came out of it for you as well.

Pope John Paul II was charismatic but not at all liberal on many social issues. I doubt things will change with the next Pope though.
My Catholic Conservative father actually claims that he heard that Nostradamus made a prediction that after this Pope, the upcoming Popes from here until the second coming would dismantle the Church by allowing women to become priests, priests to marry, etc. Nostradamus also said they'd be demons and chosen by corruption. I don't think my dad believes all that (at the very least I sure hope not...) but it's interesting nonetheless. I personally would be glad if they allowed women priests or marriage within the priesthood.
He certainly represented a entrenchment from the libralization of VII. As an Ex-cath I certainly am not mourning him as the unfailing representative of St Peter and God...but one would have a more difficult time disputing his role in the defeat of communism in Eastern Europe in the 1980's/1990's. That alone should secure his role in history and that is how I will choose to remember him.

The pope represents the Antichrist. Anti= In place of . He wears a hat that says he the son of God and the Roman numerals add up to 666 Im really not feeling bad at all that he is dead. Maybe the romans should give back the menora from the Jewish temple that they sacked in 70ad but no that might be a little to difficult to give to Gods people